Unlike some cheap alternatives we only use professional equipment that is set up in your home

It is completely painless, fast and very effective for men and women of all ages. Nothing looks better then whiter teeth!

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Safe Simple & Painless

Lightershades UK´s procedure is completely safe and cannot damage your teeth and gums in anyway. It simply whitens your teeth and cleans caps and veneers back to the original colour. We put protection around your gums with a blue dam and we also use Vitamin E on your lips and a tooth mousse that helps stop or reduce any sensitivity.

We use special gels and a light (laser) that achieves maximum results in just one hour! You´ll be amazed at the difference. Our service does not stop there as we will also provide you with full aftercare advice and information. For example, we will explain about why you have to keep to a ‘white diet’ for the first couple of days following the treatment. This is to avoid any discoloration caused by food and drinks such as coffee, tea, curry, red wine and smoking etc. This is standard practice with teeth whitening procedures. See white diet page

We will also introduce you to a our range of aftercare cosmetic whitening kits available for long-term use. These are especially good for those clients who find difficulty in keeping to the white diet because they have trays to protect your teeth for those first two days. They will last you well over a year and they work out at a great price to maintain that smile. .

Lightershades will help to keep you smiling!

The Procedure

Teeth Whitening procedure