Unlike some cheap alternatives we only use professional equipment that is set up in your home

It is completely painless, fast and very effective for men and women of all ages. Nothing looks better then whiter teeth!

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Does your smile let you down? Then get professional teeth whitening in Nottingham

Are you embarrassed by the colour of your teeth? Do you long for brighter, whiter, celebrity style teeth? Lightershades UK can offer you the solution with laser teeth whitening. You can have cleaner whiter teeth at an affordable price.

From just £129 you could have brighter, cleaner and whiter teeth and also the confidence to smile. This offer is less than half the price you might expect to pay elsewhere.

Our great service can also come to you mobile in Nottingham. So you can have our fantastic Laser teeth whitening treatment from the comfort of your own home in Nottingham or anywhere else in the UK. We have hygienists that can arrange to do the work whenever it suits you. Whether it's in the daytime, evening, after you have finished work or even at the weekend.

You are also more than welcome to have the treatment performed at one of our premises, if it is better suited for you. We also work in hotels in Nottingham and all around the UK. One of our policies is that you also only have to pay for the service after the treatment and you can see what laser teeth whitening has done for you.

We regularly make trips to and around the Nottingham area and so whether you live in Beeston, The Park or any other area in and around Nottingham we can arrange an appointment for you

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